Leonard Mangini, FSA, FRM, PRM, CLU, ChFC, FALU, FLMI, MAAA

President and Managing Member

Mr. Mangini brings clients over 30 years of life, annuity, and health insurance industry experience. A fully-credentialed actuary, risk manager, and underwriter, he has held board-level, corporate leadership, and business-unit roles at several life insurers and reinsurers in addition to providing advisory services at two international consulting firms.

Mangini Actuarial and Risk Advisory LLC

Industry and Consulting Experience

  • Director, Internal Board Member- three (3) Barbados-domiciled Life, Health, Annuity, and P&C Reinsurers
  • Director, Internal Board Member- US-domiciled Life and Health Insurer/Reinsurer
  • Senior VP & Deputy Global Chief Actuary- Multi-line insurer with 19 Business Units in US, Canada and Asia
  • Member, Global Product Risk Oversight Committee and Global Asset Liability Management Committee
  • President, Chief Actuary, Appointed Actuary, and Chief Life Risk Officer- US Life & Health insurer/Reinsurer​
  • VP and Department Head, Life & Health Reinsurance Pricing- Global Multi-line Insurer/Reinsurer
  • Vice President, Speciality Life and Health Risk Pricing- US-domiciled Multi-line reinsurer
  • Consultant, NYC Practice of International Actuarial Consulting Firm
  • ​Assistant Actuary, Product Development and Pricing Department- Leading US Direct Insurer for Term & UL
  • Consulting Manager, NYC Actuarial Practice of "Big 4" Accounting Firm 

Professional Committees and Thought Leadership​

  • Chairman,  American Academy of Actuaries' (PBR) Life Reserve Work Group-                     2018 and later 
  • Member, American Academy of Actuaries' Life Practice Council (LPC)-                                2018 and later 
  • Member,American Academy of Actuaries' Life Valuation Committee (LVC)-                         2018 and later 
  • Chairman, Society of Actuaries' Product Development Section Council                                2020-2021
  • Elected Member, Society of Actuaries' Product Development Section Council-                    2017-2019 
  • Elected Member, Society of Actuaries' Joint Risk Management Section Council-                  2016-2019 
  • Chairman, Society of Actuaries' Financial Reporting Section Council-                                   2015-2016
  • Vice-Chair, Society of Actuaries' Financial Reporting Section Council-                                  2014-2015
  • Elected Member, Society of Actuaries' Financial Reporting Section Council-                        2014-2017 
  • Member, American Academy of Actuaries' (PBR) Life Reserve Work Group-                         2015 and later
  • Member, SOA Oversight Committee Underserved Markets-                                                  2014 and later
  • Elected Member, Society of Actuaries' Reinsurance Section Council-                                   2008-2011
  • ​Company Delegate, ACLI Reinsurance Committee-                                                                2009-2010
  • Elected Member, Society of Actuaries' Marketing and Distribution Section Council            2005-2008

Other Industry Service and Volunteer Work

  • Society of Actuaries' Research Oversight Group- PBR Earnings Attribution                         2016 and later
  • Actuarial Society of Greater NY (ASNY)- Continuing Education Committee                          2015-2016
  • SOA Financial Reporting Section- Annual Meeting Coordinator                                            2015 and later
  • ​SOA Financial Reporting Section- Valuation Actuary Symposium Coordinator                     2015
  • SOA Reinsurance Section- Annual Meeting Coordinator                                                        2011
  • Actuarial Society of Greater NY (ASNY)- Continuing Education Committee                           2006
  • Society of Actuaries' Exam 5 Course Committee- Content and Grading                                2002-2004

​Professional Memberships and Exam-Based Credentials


  • ​American Academy of Actuaries Life & Health Qualifications Seminar, 2005
  • FSA, Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, since 2002
  • MAAA, Member of the American Academy of Actuaries, since 2000
  • Qualified by Education, Experience, CE to sign Prescribed Statements of Actuarial Opinion (PSAOs)

Risk Management and Quant:

  • Certified FRM, Financial Risk Manager, Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP)
  • PRM, Professional Risk Manager, Professional Risk Manager's International Association (PRMIA)
  • Sustaining Member of GARP, since 2005
  • MS Degree in Financial Engineering, 2006
  • Member, International Association of Quantitative Finance (IAQF)
  • Member, Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)


  • FALU, Fellow of the Academy of Life Underwriting, since 2002
  • Member, Academy of Home Office Underwriters, since 2002

​Marketing and General Insurance Management:

  • CLU, Chartered Life Underwriter, granted by the American College, since 2000
  • ChFC, Chartered Financial Consultant, granted by the American College, since 2000
  • ​FLMI, Fellow Life Management Institute, granted by the Life Office Management Association (LOMA), since 2000 
  • Member, Society of Financial Services Professionals (SFSP), since 2000


Mr. Mangini earned an MS in Computational Finance from Polytechnic Institute of NYU in 2006 while working full-time. This is an IAQF-certified graduate program combining a “theoretical core" in Traditional Finance with practical electives in Econometric and Computational methods. Coursework included Markov Processes, Ito Calculus, Derivative Pricing, Numerical Analysis, Numerical Solutions for Partial Differential Equations, Stability and Control of Linear Systems, Linear and Nonlinear Programming, Portfolio Optimization, Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms. 

Leonard earned a BS in Mathematics and Physics with a Minor in American Literature from SUNY at Stony Brook in 1989, completing a full double-major program while earning Departmental Honors in Mathematics

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