​​Longevity Calculations for Civil Torts:

  • Life Expectancy Calculations for Plaintiffs
  • Review Disputed Life Expectancy Estimates Developed by Defense Experts
  • Analysis of Actuarial Present Values of Proposed Structured Settlements
  • Review of Appropriateness of Application of Age and Amount Requirements 
  • Review of Application of Risk Classification Guidelines
  • Review of Application of Substandard Risk Classification

Non-Forfeiture Law and Standard Valuation Law Disputes:

  • Analysis of Appropriateness and Compliance of Non-Forfeiture Benefits 
  • Analysis of Appropriateness and Compliance for Disputed Statutory and GAAP Reserves

Cost of Insurance and Non-Guaranteed Element Disputes:

  • Review Management Actions: Cost of Insurance (COI) Charges, Credited Rates, Premium Scales, Loads and Fees viz. Insurance Policy Forms, Sales Illustrations, Reinsurance Provisions in Disputes

Par Governance Disputes:

  • Review Par Dividend Actions for Compliance with Insurance Policy Forms, Declared Divided Policy, Sales Illustrations, Reinsurance Provisions and Inter-Class/Generational Equity in Disputes

Relevant Experience and Qualifications

  • SVP & Deputy Global Chief Actuary- Multi-line insurer with 19 Business Units in US, Canada and Asia
  • Member, Global Product Risk Oversight Committee and Asset Liability Management Committees
  • President, Chief Actuary, Appointed Actuary, Chief Life Risk Officer- US Life insurer/Reinsurer​
  • Fellow by Examination of the Society of Actuaries (FSA)
  • Member by Examination, Experience, Continuing Education Academy of Actuaries (MAAA).
  • Qualified to sign Statutory Statements of Actuarial Opinion (PSAOs).
  • Fellow, Academy of Life Underwriting (FALU), Completed Written Examinations typically earned by Life Insurance Underwriters which test the ability to read Medical Histories and Charts, analyze Medical and Laboratory Test results, assign relative Mortality/Longevity Ratings to insurance applicants.
  • More than 20 years analyzing and designing Risk Classification Systems for life insurance applicants.
  • Over 12 years Life Reinsurance Pricing, Valuation Actuary. Extensive- considered mortality/longevity specialist within actuarial profession already recognized as life expectancy experts.
  • More than 20 years analyzing historical mortality experience and statistical trends and changes in mortality over time due to ongoing improvements in public health, technology and medical advances. 

Track Record of Success and Client Engagements:

  • Actuarial Support in Defense of Vanish Premium/Market Conduct Actions at Leading Consulting Firm
  • Setting of Policyholder Dividends for Par Life Insurance in US/Canada as Corporate Valuation Actuary
  • Expert Consultant in Appropriate Use of Mortality Tables
  • Nationally Recognized Mortality Expert Teaching Webinars in Setting Mortality Assumptions
  • Expert Consultant in Longevity Calculation Disputes

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