Boutique Client Services

Principles-Based Reserves Services:

  • Peer Review of VM-31 PBR Actuarial Report and Supporting Documentation
  • Assumption and Margin Setting and Peer Review
  • Strategy Consultation and Implementation Review
  • Valuation Model Structure Design, and Third Party Review
  • Governance and Controls Design and Review
  • PBR-efficient term and UL product designs, reinsurance treaties and arrangements
  • On-Site PBR Staff Training


Audit and Appointed Actuary Support Services:

  • Comfort Reviews of Asset and Liability Side Actuarial Balances
  • Life, Health, and Annuity Reserve Validation
  • External Appointed Actuary Services

Services for Direct Companies, Reinsurers, and Alternative Capital Providers:

  • External Strategic and Business Review of Reinsurance Arrangements
  • Reinsurance in a post-PBR World without Mirror Reserving- Structuring, Design, Pricing, Administration 
  • Underwriting and Product Design for New Markets and Distribution Channels
  • Reinsurance Treaty Compliance Audits- Actuarial and Underwriting
  • Dispute Resolution between Insurer and Reinsurer- preliminary case review through arbitrartion
  • "Co-Sourcing" of Key Pricing and Valuation Functionality for New Reinsurers and Alternative Capital Entrants
  • Peer Review of Early Stage Reinsurer/"Alternative-Funder" Deal Pricing for Flow and Inforce "Block Deals"

Assumption Setting, Risk Classification, Models for Traditional, Accelerated and FinTech Distribution:

  • Traditional Preferred Risk Underwriting
  • Accelerated Underwriting: PBR Compliance, Risk Selection Effectiveness- Impacts on Mortality, Persistency, Longevity
  • Assumptions for Non-Traditional Insurance and Financial Products with underlying Actuarial Risk Drivers
  • Modeling and Testing
  • Governance and ERM 

Legal Support and Expert Witness Testimony Services:

  • Longevity Calculations for Civil Torts
  • Underwriting Classification Disputes
  • Non-Forfeiture and Valuation Law Compliance Disputes
  • COI and Non-Guaranteed Element Disputes
  • Par Governance Disputes 

ERM and Governance Services:

  • Education and Training on governance and control requirements in a Principle-Based Environment
  • Identifying the firm's Risk Appetite and establishing Risk Budget allocations
  • Review and development of Magnitude-Based Incidence and Severity Matrices- Pre and Post Mitigation
  • Evaluation and recommendations for Risk Avoidance through Product Design
  • Evaluation and recommendations for Risk Mitigation through Reinsurance and Hedging
  • Evaluation of Risk Measurement models and integration with Pricing and Valuation Models
  • Analysis of Pandemic, Catastrophe, and Operational Risks
  • Review and Development of Risk Dashboards for Key Stakeholders​

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