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​​​Recent and Upcoming Presentations and Articles:

Mr. Mangini is a frequent speaker at local and national industry meetings presenting on Principle-Based Reserves, Assumption/Model Risk Management, Predictive Analytics, Governance, and Actuarial Professionalism.

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SOA impACT Conference,Virtual. October 2021

  • Revised ASOP 11: Are Life, Annuity, and Health Actuaries Ready?
  • On Demand: "PBR Ask the Experts Round Table"

SOA Annual Meeting, Toronto, ON, October 2019

  • Session 135: "Last Minute Planning for PBR Workshop"

SOA Valuation Actuary Symposium, Denver, CO, August 2019

  • Session 59: "VM-20 Communication Workshop"
  • ​Session 69: "Aggregating Accelerated and Traditional Underwritten Segments under APF 2018-17" 

SOA Annual Meeting, Nashville TN, October 2018

  • Session 59: "VM-20 Assumption Setting"- Live Simulcast Panel Discussion and Webinar 
  • Session 129: "Pricing under VM-20- Lessons Learned"- Workshop for Early Implementers

SOA Financial Reporter Newsletter, September 2018 Issue
"PBR Developments: What's Going On with The Valuation Manual?"- co-authored with Arnold Dicke

SOA Valuation Actuary Symposium, Washington, DC, August 2018

  • Session 50: "Assumption Setting under VM-20"- Workshop for All Levels 
  • Session 60: "PBR is Here!"- Workshop for Insurers who Already Have or are Close to Implementing PBR
  • ​Session 73: "PBR: Real Life Applications"- Panel Discussion On Reinsurance, PBR and Small Company Issues

​SOA Life and Annuity Symposium, Baltimore, May 2018

  • Session 55: "When is Your Own Data Not Enough?: PBR Developments That May Surprise You!"

SOA Annual Meeting and Valuation Actuary Seminar, Boston, October 2017

  • ​Annual Meeting- Session 50: "Product Development in an InsureTech World"
  • Annual Meeting- Session 79: "Navigating Assumption Setting Across Valuation Bases"
  • VAS Seminar- ​Session 8: "PBR Earnings Attribution"

SOA Financial Reporting Section Webinar, August 18, 2017

  • "Understanding VM-20 Results- Source of Earnings Analysis"

The New Valuation Manual and the Life Product Development Actuary, Seattle, May 2017

  • Session 1: "Overview of the Product Development Process and Impact of the Manual on Overall Processes"
  • Session 2: "The Role of the Company, Management, Qualified Actuary, and Appointed Actuary in PBR Governance"

SOA Life and Annuity Symposium, Seattle, May 2017

  • Session 31: "Activities of the American Academy of Actuaries' Life Practice Council"
  • Session 37: "VM-20 Mortality Assumption Setting"
  • ​Session 51: "VM-31: The PBR Actuarial Report- Which ASOPs Matter?

Contingencies Magazine, March/April 2017 Issue

  • "PBR: Who, What, and How?", co-authored with Arnold Dicke

Society of Financial Services Professionals, New York City, January 2017

  • "Principles-Based Reserving: Why It's Needed, What it Does, and the Potential Impact on Products and Markets"

SOA Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, October 2016

  • Session 48: "PBR- Ask The Experts"
  • Session 66: "Financial Reporting Section Breakfast- Chairman's Update"
  • ​Session 151: "PBR Implementation"- Panel Discussion on PBR Implementation Issues

SOA Financial Reporting Section Webinar, October 14, 2016

  • VM-G- Principles-Based Valuation Governance

SOA Financial Reporting Section Webinar, September 28, 2016

  • PBR- Prudent Estimate Mortality Assumption Setting


SOA Valuation Actuary Symposium, Hollywood, Florida, August 2016

  • Session 19: "PBR in a Nutshell"- Open Forum on High-Level PBR Strategy and Tactics 
  • Session 44: "Financial Reporting Section Breakfast- Chairman's Update"

SOA Life and Annuity Symposium, Nashville, May 2016

  • Session 36: "Ask the Experts- Practical PBR Implications for Pricing"- Open Forum on PBR
  • Session 69: "PBR Implementation"- Panel Discussion on PBR Implementation Issues
  • Session 11/21: "Impact of PBR on Life Product Development"- Panel Discussion on Processes Changes
  • Session 75: "Professionalism for Financial Reporting Actuaries"- Ethics Vignettes in Skit Format

Actuarial Society of Greater NY, Continuing Education Seminar, NYC, Apr 2016 

  • "Principle-Based Reserves: New Developments, Process/Pricing Implications, Open Forum"

Actuarial Club of Philadelphia, Annual Meeting, Feb 2016 

  • "Principle-Based Reserves Update"- Open Discussion on Status, Recent Developments, Implications 
  • "Professionalism for Financial Reporting Actuaries"- Ethics Vignettes in Skit Format

Actuarial Society of Greater NY, Annual Meeting, NYC, Nov 2015

  • "Statutory Financial Reporting Update"

SOA Annual Meeting, Austin, Oct 2015

  • Session 47: "PBR Update"- a Panel Discussion on latest developments in PBR
  • Session 63:  Financial Reporting Section Hot Breakfast
  • ​Session 71: "Integrating Predictive Analytics into Assumption Setting"
  • Session 104: "Professionalism for Financial Reporting Actuaries"
  • Session 177: "Model Risk Management in a Changing World"

SOA Valuation Actuary Symposium, Boston, Aug 2015

  • Session 38: "Practical Assumption Governance"

​Actuarial Society of Greater NY, Continuing Education Seminar, Aug 2015

  • "Are You Prepared for a PBR World?"

SOA Managing the Big Data Opportunity Seminar, May 2015

  • "Professionalism in Data Science"